Helping People to Reach Their Education Goals

Holy Cross High SchoolAs a result of the economic downturn that has negatively impacted our country over the last four years, millions of people are either without jobs or simply struggling to make it day to day. Paying the bills and affording life’s essentials is not easy for anyone. It is especially difficult for people that lack a formal education. Whether fair or not, no matter how talented, skilled or naturally gifted a person may be, without an education it is extremely hard to get a head in today’s world. When even college graduate students are unable to find solid, well paying jobs, just think of the difficulties being faced by high school dropouts or individuals without college diplomas.

Although a college degree in absolutely no way guarantees a person a job in this harsh economy, there is absolutely no doubt that it helps a great deal. Unfortunately, what has happened is that as the economy has continually gone done, college tuition costs have steadily increased well beyond the inflation rate. Continue reading Helping People to Reach Their Education Goals

What is a Good Job Training Education?

Panoramio - Photo of Holy Cross High School (Back) I am a sophomore at Holy Cross High School in Louisville, Ky. Right now my parents have decided that I have to start thinking about what comes next. At the moment it might be a bit difficult for me to get into a good college, although I could work harder and fix it so that it would be quite possible for me to get into college. I am going to leave my options open and start thinking about what colleges I could get into. I also want to think about how I could most easily transition from High school to a good paying career. My Dad says that once I am out of school I can start paying rent if I do not want to go to a college or a local community college for career education. I guess that I shall probably do one or the other. Continue reading What is a Good Job Training Education?