A Company That Buys Old Vehicles Bought My Car

At the age of 16, I was dying to get my drivers license. My dad had taught me to drive in our quiet neighborhood, and I loved every minute of driving. I originally drove dad’s car at night when he wasn’t using it, but I wanted to be able to go on road trips, so I soon needed to buy one of my own. I bought an old, used car and I wondered how hard it would be to sell my car in San Diego in the future because it was so old. But I hoped that it would be easier than I assumed.

I had a lot of fun times in that old car of mine. I am the one who drove during spring break. My friends would all pile in my vehicle, and we would go on camping trips, drive hours away to check out what other cities had to offer, and so much more. While it did not have very high miles on it when I purchased it, when it came time to sell it, I realized that I had reached the 150,000 mile mark.

I put the car up for sale through a local sale ad in our newspaper. However, not one person called me about purchasing the car. I suspected that had a lot to do with the mileage. The care was in great shape otherwise. It had not been in any accidents, I had the oil and other routine maintenance done on it on a regular basis, and I kept the car very clean. When searching through the phone book, I stumbled across a company that is in the business of buying old cars that many other people do not want. And appraiser came to look at my car and stated that he was willing to pay for my asking price. I was paid that same day, and my problem was solved.