A Flock of Pigeons Was Pooping All over Our Stonework!

We had a bird feeder that was for the small birds. However, the small birds knock out a lot of seed. It falls on the ground, and ground-feeding birds then eat it up. That was not a problem until a flock of pigeons took notice of the feeder. Then I was filling it with seed every day. I was going through many pounds of it, and the pigeon flock kept getting bigger. They would take off in a cloud of activity when I opened the door. I had to call bird control in NJ when I discovered how much of a mess they were making out of the stonework of our house.

There were white streaks coming down from every windowsill, and there were sections of the tile roof that had a lot of droppings on it. They would land and go constantly. You could see it coming out when you looked up at them. It was like a constant flow of chalky white waste. Continue reading A Flock of Pigeons Was Pooping All over Our Stonework!

A Company That Buys Old Vehicles Bought My Car

At the age of 16, I was dying to get my drivers license. My dad had taught me to drive in our quiet neighborhood, and I loved every minute of driving. I originally drove dad’s car at night when he wasn’t using it, but I wanted to be able to go on road trips, so I soon needed to buy one of my own. I bought an old, used car and I wondered how hard it would be to sell my car in San Diego in the future because it was so old. But I hoped that it would be easier than I assumed.

I had a lot of fun times in that old car of mine. I am the one who drove during spring break. Continue reading A Company That Buys Old Vehicles Bought My Car

Procrastination Makes the Task Harder

Months ago, a tree had fallen in my yard and I kept saying that I was going to cut it up into smaller pieces and let the lawn service people worry about it. As the days passed, my procrastination became greater and the tree had been rained on and started to decompose. One day when I finally decided I would go outside and cut the tree down, I pulled out my chainsaw and it refused to work. I simply turned to a tree service in Long Island and didn’t put any more effort into cutting up the tree myself.

The tree service took care of the whole thing while I was sitting inside watching a television show about a guy who builds tree houses. I was thinking how nice it would be to have my own tree house in the backyard, but something like that would cost a bit of money to put together, and I would have to do a lot of work as well. I don’t know much about building houses, and I’m sure that I don’t have the necessary math, engineering, and architectural skills to make a tree house that won’t fall over and kill me.

In the space where the tree used to be after it had fallen over, there was nothing but dirt, as the grass under it had died. I had to put down some grass seeds to get that spot to look like the rest of the lawn. If there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s when my lawn looks like there is something wrong with it. If the color isn’t uniform, I’ll make adjustments to get everything perfect. If only I could put that kind of enthusiasm into cutting up dead trees when they all in my backyard. Of course, then I wouldn’t have time for tree house shows.

Buying Exercise Equipment for Your Home

Working out and getting into shape is a goal that many try to achieve. In particular at the start of a new year, when resolutions are made, workout out and losing weight top many people’s lists of goals for the year. But writing it down on a list and trying to accomplish the goal are very different things. When people really sit down and consider their options, working out at home can be an optimal choice due to limitations with their schedule. Buying a piece of exercise equipment like an elliptical trainer or treadmill or stationary bike can be the best approach when you know getting to the gym or affording a membership might be a stretch. Continue reading Buying Exercise Equipment for Your Home

Looking Forward to Our Extended Guided Tour of Israel

With retirement comes the opportunity to travel. We planned for that for our retirement. We lived within our means and kept a small house. We bought used cars and were never much into fashion. We had a goal of traveling, but we had to wait. We took a few trips in our younger years, but we looked forward to traveling pretty much continually after retirement. We had a few goals. One was to retire a few years early, and another was to take one of the longest Israel tours we could find. Another was to make the tour of Israel mostly private. We could participate in a small group, but we did not want to be part of a big group of tourists. You get a lot more personalized treatment if you are part of a small tour group going to Israel.

I also wanted to take a tour where we would be able to see as much of the city of Jerusalem as possible. We wanted to see some of the places in parts of the city not under Israeli control. Continue reading Looking Forward to Our Extended Guided Tour of Israel

Interesting Things About Saudi Arabia

I really did not know a lot about the Saudi kingdom until my son had to do a school project on Saudi Arabia. He kept giving me facts about the country that he was learning, and the majority of them really intrigued me. All I knew about Saudi Arabia before my son did this project was it was a country filled with rich people because of the oil there. I had no idea that there were no permanent rivers there though or that the majority of the land is desert. When he told me some other things, I wanted to find out even more about this area. Continue reading Interesting Things About Saudi Arabia

Trying to Save Money on My Cable Bill

I have been trying to figure out how to cut back on the money that I spend on the Internet and cable TV. Of course I have Time Warner and I think they are a bunch of pirates. So I have been thinking about trying to learn more about getting satellite. Of course I know this guy and he and his buddy are working a pretty sweet scheme so long as the satellite company does not get on him Of course this requires one guy to be signed up for a bill and the two of them share the cost of the monthly bill. It is not a complicated thing. Continue reading Trying to Save Money on My Cable Bill

Purchasing from an Outside Company Was Worth It

For years, I noticed that it seemd like I spent an a lot of money on batteries and replacing the power cords that come with a lot of the electronics that I purchase. I have never really understood that. In the 21st century, it seems like batteries should last longer, and cords should last a long time. After hearing that my cord for my computer stopped working, one of my buddies at work told me that I should take a look at the Imperial Gadgets site online and see what they can offer me in the way of a power cord.

After I got home from work that night, I found myself frustrated that my cord for my laptop wasn’t working. The battery indicator beeped at me continually to tell me that it had little charge left. When I logged onto the Internet, I had only 15 minutes left. We are not allowed to get online at work, so I had no choice but to do it at home.

I quickly searched for the site that my coworker told me about, and was pretty excited to see that the website offers a universal adapter, which means that it comes with a variety of extra connections so that you can just figure out which one will fit your specific computer model when you receive the cord. Continue reading Purchasing from an Outside Company Was Worth It

Who Needs Motor Trade Insurance?

There are a lot of types of insurance available on the market today. Car insurance, boat insurance, home and life insurance, even business insurance. But what about those businesses which are specifically in the motor trade? For those businesses, there’s motor trade insurance, which can easily be found at motortradeinsurance.tripod.co.uk.

Motor trade insurance is a very specific type of insurance, for a very important segment of industry. Essentially, if your business has anything to do with cars, motorbikes and vans, then you need motor trade insurance. For example, if your business is a garage, with a focus on repairing vehicles, changing oil, and handling other everyday vehicle maintenance issues, your motor trade insurance will cover not only your business premises from break ins or other loss, but also protect any vehicles you might have stored on your premises. Continue reading Who Needs Motor Trade Insurance?

Helping People to Reach Their Education Goals

Holy Cross High SchoolAs a result of the economic downturn that has negatively impacted our country over the last four years, millions of people are either without jobs or simply struggling to make it day to day. Paying the bills and affording life’s essentials is not easy for anyone. It is especially difficult for people that lack a formal education. Whether fair or not, no matter how talented, skilled or naturally gifted a person may be, without an education it is extremely hard to get a head in today’s world. When even college graduate students are unable to find solid, well paying jobs, just think of the difficulties being faced by high school dropouts or individuals without college diplomas.

Although a college degree in absolutely no way guarantees a person a job in this harsh economy, there is absolutely no doubt that it helps a great deal. Unfortunately, what has happened is that as the economy has continually gone done, college tuition costs have steadily increased well beyond the inflation rate. Continue reading Helping People to Reach Their Education Goals

What is a Good Job Training Education?

Panoramio - Photo of Holy Cross High School (Back) I am a sophomore at Holy Cross High School in Louisville, Ky. Right now my parents have decided that I have to start thinking about what comes next. At the moment it might be a bit difficult for me to get into a good college, although I could work harder and fix it so that it would be quite possible for me to get into college. I am going to leave my options open and start thinking about what colleges I could get into. I also want to think about how I could most easily transition from High school to a good paying career. My Dad says that once I am out of school I can start paying rent if I do not want to go to a college or a local community college for career education. I guess that I shall probably do one or the other. Continue reading What is a Good Job Training Education?