Interesting Things About Saudi Arabia

I really did not know a lot about the Saudi kingdom until my son had to do a school project on Saudi Arabia. He kept giving me facts about the country that he was learning, and the majority of them really intrigued me. All I knew about Saudi Arabia before my son did this project was it was a country filled with rich people because of the oil there. I had no idea that there were no permanent rivers there though or that the majority of the land is desert. When he told me some other things, I wanted to find out even more about this area.

For instance, they are underway to have the tallest building in the world. It is being constructed right now, and it is just staggering how tall it will be. Originally, it was destined to be nearly a mile in height, but they had to scale it back. Even with that, it is still going to be over a half mile tall! That is unreal when you think about it. The Empire State Building is not even a quarter mile tall, so it is going to be over twice as tall as that!

He also read some cultural things there. Homosexuality is punishable by death. The exact cause of death is beheading, but there are other things that can get a person this sentence as well, such as cheating on a spouse. Also, obesity is becoming a problem there, and it is thought to be because of the fast food culture that is becoming prevalent there. Prior to the 1990s, there were no fast food restaurants there, so obesity was not the problem then that it is now. Unfortunately, there is very little that the health insurance offered to Saudis will do to help them with this growing problem. That sounds like another country we know!