Looking Forward to Our Extended Guided Tour of Israel

With retirement comes the opportunity to travel. We planned for that for our retirement. We lived within our means and kept a small house. We bought used cars and were never much into fashion. We had a goal of traveling, but we had to wait. We took a few trips in our younger years, but we looked forward to traveling pretty much continually after retirement. We had a few goals. One was to retire a few years early, and another was to take one of the longest Israel tours we could find. Another was to make the tour of Israel mostly private. We could participate in a small group, but we did not want to be part of a big group of tourists. You get a lot more personalized treatment if you are part of a small tour group going to Israel.

I also wanted to take a tour where we would be able to see as much of the city of Jerusalem as possible. We wanted to see some of the places in parts of the city not under Israeli control. If you have ever traveled internationally, you know you need a good guide for a lot of the popular places to travel. This is especially true if you are American. You do not have to be afraid. You just need to be wise. Thousands upon thousands of tourists travel to Israel every year completely without any incident whatsoever. We were not concerned about that. However, we did align ourselves with a tour guide cmpany that has a proven track record of satisfaction.

We were more concerned about having a fun and nice trip with attentive guides taking us to all the best places than we were worried about security. There is no reason to worry. There are so many religious organizations that make trips to the Holy Land every year with the same people going over and over again. Israel has an incredible tourist industry, and they know it is in their best interest to keep tourists safe. To put it bluntly, I am more nervous walking through some neighborhoods close to where I live than I would ever be concerned about visiting Israel.