Trying to Save Money on My Cable Bill

I have been trying to figure out how to cut back on the money that I spend on the Internet and cable TV. Of course I have Time Warner and I think they are a bunch of pirates. So I have been thinking about trying to learn more about getting satellite. Of course I know this guy and he and his buddy are working a pretty sweet scheme so long as the satellite company does not get on him Of course this requires one guy to be signed up for a bill and the two of them share the cost of the monthly bill. It is not a complicated thing. In essence when you sign up for Direct TV they give you the option of having up to four or five TV’s hooked up. You have a decoder box for each one of them and in essence they charge you an extra five bucks a month for each one of these boxes.

These two guys have it worked out so that each of them has two of the boxes and they get a really good package with a lot of sports channels and movie channels on it. If either one of them was paying for the whole deal it would would seventy or eighty bucks a month. However since the two of them are splitting it up it is only half of that for each of them. Of course you can do it the way they do it, where you get a really good package of programming, or you could get the cheapest offer that they have. That is usually an introductory offer of 20 dollars per month for a pretty basic number of channels. Of course there is a limit to how much TV a guy can really watch.