What is a Good Job Training Education?

Panoramio - Photo of Holy Cross High School (Back) I am a sophomore at Holy Cross High School in Louisville, Ky. Right now my parents have decided that I have to start thinking about what comes next. At the moment it might be a bit difficult for me to get into a good college, although I could work harder and fix it so that it would be quite possible for me to get into college. I am going to leave my options open and start thinking about what colleges I could get into. I also want to think about how I could most easily transition from High school to a good paying career. My Dad says that once I am out of school I can start paying rent if I do not want to go to a college or a local community college for career education. I guess that I shall probably do one or the other. I do not have enough money for a car right now and I can not pay car insurance if my Dad does not help me out, so we are looking at something close to home.

I would probably have to get a job to pay for my expenses no matter what. My Dad has a good job, but for a year and a half he was out of work and we do not have any extra money. I am looking at how I can most easily get a career education in the Louisville area. My thoughts now are in health care, like become a Licensed Practical Nurse or perhaps a dental hygienist. I would not really want to spend my life sticking my fingers in other people’s mouths, but it is something that I could become. LPN’s make pretty decent money from what I have read on the internet, but I am still thinking about this stuff. I just need to be ready in a year and a half.