Who Needs Motor Trade Insurance?

There are a lot of types of insurance available on the market today. Car insurance, boat insurance, home and life insurance, even business insurance. But what about those businesses which are specifically in the motor trade? For those businesses, there’s motor trade insurance, which can easily be found at motortradeinsurance.tripod.co.uk.

Motor trade insurance is a very specific type of insurance, for a very important segment of industry. Essentially, if your business has anything to do with cars, motorbikes and vans, then you need motor trade insurance. For example, if your business is a garage, with a focus on repairing vehicles, changing oil, and handling other everyday vehicle maintenance issues, your motor trade insurance will cover not only your business premises from break ins or other loss, but also protect any vehicles you might have stored on your premises. So if your business burns down and you have several client cars which are damaged or totaled during the incident, you will be very thankful to have motor trade insurance!

Likewise if you are involved in the buying, selling, or restoration of vehicles, you’ll want this insurance as well. Unlike the instance of a garage, where the cars are probably not yours, you now have a large stock of cars that you do own. If anything should happen to them, for example vandalism, theft, or even an accident during a test drive, you’ll need motor trade insurance to cover your losses.

Even if your business doesn’t have a proper premises; for example a mobile detailing service, a mobile oil changer, or even a valet service, motor trade insurance has you covered. This type of insurance is very customizable to all the types of work done with, on, and around cars, so that no matter what your business model, and no matter how many customers you have, you can always sleep soundly knowing you are covered.